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Jr Quality Assurance & Monitoring Analyst
Jr Quality Assurance & Monitoring Analyst
  • January 21, 2024

Experienced Jr Quality Assurance & Monitoring Analyst with a robust background in orchestrating QA initiatives, optimizing support processes, and enhancing system efficiency. Proven expertise in L1/L2 support, incident ticket management, and risk client details validation. Skilled in creating comprehensive product documentation, utilizing advanced SQL queries, and collaborating with cross-functional teams for prompt issue resolution. Committed to continuous improvement, I actively contribute to process enhancements and play a pivotal role in deploying software updates. With a focus on leadership, effective communication, and problem-solving, I am poised to deliver valuable contributions to any team or project.

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Jr Quality Assurance & Monitoring Analyst - Press Ganey Associates, Technopark
Jan 2022 — Feb 2024

• Orchestrated QA initiatives, ensuring 100% industry-standard adherence and streamlined processes.
• Analyzed root causes, implementing strategic solutions for recurring issues and enhancing system efficiency.
• Developed expertise in L1/L2 support, assisting in SOP implementation and reducing issue resolution time significantly.
• Optimized Incident ticket and Client Onboarding processes, ensuring seamless operations.
• Validated and monitored Risk Client details, contributing to robust risk management practices.
• Spearheaded the creation of comprehensive product documentation, including client KYC, Product, and Process Repository.
• Utilized advanced SQL queries for troubleshooting complex issues, leading to swift and effective resolutions.
• Collaborated seamlessly with cross-functional teams to promptly address customer issues, prioritizing satisfaction.
• Contributed significantly to deploying software updates and participated in rigorous product testing phases.
• Organized and conducted informative meetings to educate users on product capabilities, fostering deeper engagement.
• Worked closely with senior analysts to analyze and diagnose software defects, contributing to a proactive problem-solving approach.
• Actively participated in product training sessions to enhance knowledge and support capabilities.
• Played a pivotal role in process improvement initiatives, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of support operations.
• Assisted in creating and updating quality checklists, guidelines, and training materials, ensuring continuous improvement.
• Served as a reliable Point of Contact (POC), demonstrating leadership and effective communication.

Jr Product Support Analyst @ Press Ganey Associates, Technopark
Jan 2021 — Jan 2022

• Efficiently managed customer communications and details on Salesforce, enhancing data organization
• Delivered proactive first-line support for customers through email, phone, and ticketing systems, ensuring prompt issue resolution.
• Provided valuable feedback to product development and engineering teams, contributing to enhancements based on customer needs.
• Excelled in quality assurance evaluations, promptly addressing SLA issues.
• Stayed ahead of industry trends by monitoring evolving software and technologies impacting customer requirements.
• Identified trends in client requests, contributing to proactive problem-solving initiatives.
• Implemented robust training programs, fostering continuous learning and development.
• Mentored new team members, cultivating a culture of ongoing learning and development.
• Managed escalated cases, ensuring timely resolution and fostering strong client relationships.
• Developed expertise in multiple products within the company portfolio, serving as a go-to resource for colleagues.
• Managed escalated cases with a focus on timely resolution, fostering strong client relationships.
• Developed expertise in multiple products within the company portfolio, serving as a go-to resource for colleagues seeking guidance on specific features or functionalities.

Graduate Apprentice @ HLL Lifecare
Aug 2019 — Aug 2020

• Experience in SAP and calibrated equipment for precision and efficiency.
• Analyzed and deciphered documents detailing standard operating procedures, safety regulations, and job-specific protocols.
• Successfully completed rigorous training programs and exams, upholding apprenticeship status with dedication.
• Collaborated with project managers to formulate strategic work schedules for both overall projects and individual stages, optimizing efficiency.
• Maintained meticulous and well-organized records of completed tasks, ensuring accuracy and accessibility.
• Contributed actively to the execution of company initiatives and programs, showcasing dedication to organizational goals.
• Collaborated seamlessly with team members to streamline task workflows, enhancing overall productivity.
• Applied advanced theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, gaining profound insights into industry-specific principles and practices.

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